Free Tips on A/B Testing

Conversion Rate Optimizatoin, too

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing (or Split Testing) is the exercise of studying end-user behaviour by dividing audience to multiple groups and show different variants of the a page (e.g. in context of web development). The goal is to identify changes to user behaviour and conversion rate with among variants.

Why A/B Test Master?

A/B Test Master is developed with flexibility for ASP.NET MVC development in mind. Simply download the nuget package and write a couple of lines of codes and you are done. It's also extremely flexible. You can decide where the data get sent to, whether it'd be a SQL server database or a csv file.

How much will it cost?

A/B Test Master is open source (under MIT license) and free of charge. There are no ads, no hidden costs, no upselling! We would appreciate it if you could provide your feedback and spread the word!

Why did we do it?

A/B Test Master was developed after we experienced first hand frustration of using several tools in the market.
Having gone through the process of starting a brand new business (from our bedroom), we realised number one priority for us was to learn about customer and what they want and how they want it.
To our frustration, we found that most A/B testing products out there are just about micro refinements; changing the color of a button here or replacing an image there. While that might be ok for some established businesses, it wasn't helpful to us, at least not yet.