Unrivalled Accuracy

Using built-in features of ASP.NET engine, A/B Test Master delivers more accurate data. For example, we users visiting from multiple devices are recognized and counted as one visitor to ensure data integrity.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Looking into the analytics data and inferring their meanings can be time-consuming and draining. A/B Test Master not only shows all the results to you in regular charts and figures, but also highlights any significance in data should there be any. For example, you will be alerted if conversion rate for mobile visitors drops by 20% in a short span of time. This way, nothing will take you by surprise and you will be well aware of user behaviour and the impact of your A/B tests.

Awesome Performance

A/B Test Master has miniscule impact on your site's performance. All our infrastructure are in cloud and they expand and shrink as required.

All About Results

We hold personal introductory sessions (via internet) for all our new customers to ensure they make full use of our product and how they can increase conversion rate optimization in general.

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